….. Now he went towards his sell. He picked up a T Shirt and said that its price tag said that its price was $19.99, but he said that he was not an expensive man, so he would like hear some bidding from one dollar. Then he picked up a John Cena T Shirt and talked about it, he also picked up a Sheamus T Shirt.

Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble came out t get Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose mocked them and said that they sent the Cruiser weight division to get him. They wanted Dean Ambrose to throw the briefcase to them. Dean said that it was very valuable, he could not throw it them. Dean told them that if they wanted go through him they had to be so intimidated. Dean said that they wanted this briefcase and that was fine, he wanted them to go inside the ring and get the briefcase.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury left the ring and escaped the arena. After they left, Dean went towards the merchandise again and asked the fans if they wanted them for free. He picked the T shirts and threw it to the fans. He kept picking up the T shirts one by one and kept throwing them to the crowd. JBL said an amazing thing regarding this, ‘is he a freaking Robin Hood?’

After Ambrose was over with his crazy merchandise giving away stuff, Seth Rollins came out along with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Seth brought some security guards too. Dean made fun of the security. Then he asked the security to take briefcase and he had no problems with it. Dean went out of the ring. Seth slowly climbed the stairs as Dean entered the crowd and kept saying he was sorry. Seth entered the ring and took the briefcase. As Seth entered the briefcase, something like green mist was sprayed all over his face. Dean smiled and said he was sorry for it. Seth went crazy and tried to say that it was not funny. He left the arena slowly with the security. Dean remained in the crowd.

Backstage Seth Rollins was seen condemning Dean Ambrose to the authority for what he did. He said that he could be permanently blind. Randy Orton and Kane were seen laughing at him. Seth said that it was not funny at all. Triple H suggested him to go to the trainer and help out himself. As Seth Rollins left Triple H asked Kane where Dean Ambrose was. Kane confirmed that he was in the locker room. Triple H announced a tag team match between John Cena and Dean Ambrose against Randy Orton and Kane. Orton and Kane did not seem happy with the announcement, Triple H wanted them to give them some punishment which they rightfully deserved. Suddenly they heard sound, they thought it might be someone’s phone vibrating. They checked their phones but none of them was. Then they founded out that something from inside the briefcase was making the noise. Seth Rollins came out and took the briefcase in his hands as he confirmed it was an electric raiser.

Mark Henry came out to the ring for the next contest. Footage from Night of Champions was seen where Rusev totally manhandled him. Henry took a mic in his hand and said that as everyone could see that the past week was very emotional for him. He wanted to apologize to everyone. Bo Dallas interfered during Mark Henry’s speech. Bo Dallas told Mark Henry not to apologize to the WWE universe. He wanted him to apologize to himself. He had been knocked out by Rusev. He was not living up to his potential. Now it was his time enjoy the whole of the Bo-Lievers. After all, being a Bo-Liever he could never say that he was sorry.

Match 3 – Bo Dallas defeated Mark Henry. Mark Henry attempted a top rope move which Bo dummied and pinned him with the Bo Dog.

Backstage Bo Dallas was asked by Rene Young about his feelings on securing one of the biggest victories of his career. Bo Dallas said that to touch such milestones, all he had to do was Bo Lieve. Mark Henry attacked him and beat him down badly.

Brie Bella came out to the arena for the next contest. Before Brie’s opponent could come out, Nikki Bella appeared. Nikki said that it was really appropriate that the quitter getting ready for her match on the same arena where she quit out. Nikki said that things had really changed since then, and she asked Brie for what things changed. It was all for her little precious Daniel Bryan. The fans chanted ‘Yes’ to hear the name of Daniel Bryan. Nikki said that it worked out so well for Daniel Bryan that he was sitting home on the couch recovering. Nikki said that Brie actually did not quit for Daniel Bryan, she actually quit out for the attention of all the fans and she was even an uglier troll than her husband. That was why she quit for. And when she quit, Nikki had to go through hard and difficult matches every week, but Brie was nowhere to be felt. Nikki said that she was feeling like a little bit of payback tonight. So on behalf of the authority who were so nice that they let her make this announcement, Brie Bella would have a handicap match of her own. Cameron and Eva Marie came out as Brie Bella’s opponent.

Match 4 – Brie Bella defeated Eva Marie and Cameron in a handicap match. It was an average match, Brie Bella pinned Cameron with the School Girl pin.

Match 5 –Titus O’ Neil and Heath Slater defeated Los Matadores. Heath Slater picked up the victory for his team. After the match, El Torito and Hornswoogle started fighting. Hornswoogle was in the attire of a crocodile. Adam Rose and the Bunny distracted them as Los Matadores beat down Heath Slater. The Bunny ended up with the Frog Splash.

Rusev and Lana came out to the arena. Rusev had the Russian flag in his hand like always. The fans booed them as always. Before Lana could say something, the fans started chanting ‘USA’. Lana and Rusev checked the fan reaction for a while, and Lana started things off. Lana screamed ‘Shut Up’ and then she said something in Russian which was something not easy to understand for us.

Lana finally spoke English as she said that she was going to show something to the pathetic American society which was being represented by the crowd of Chicago; where the show was taking place. They showed a photo on the big screen from last week’s Friday night Smackdown where Rusev was standing tall and Big Show was in the ground. Lana addressed the big Show as such a ‘sore looser’ who showed his ‘true colours’ when he attacked Rusev from the back in the most cowardly way.

The next photo appeared on the big screen where Big Show was hitting the knock out punch on the face of Rusev. She said that the Big Show who was the decorated champion of the fans tried to intimidate an innocent…..

Before Lana could complete her Big Show came out to the arena. Big Show did not go inside the ring, he stood on the entrance stage. The Big Show said that it really good, the way Lana twisted the facts, he saw how it worked for them. He said it showed how good Russia was, and how good Vladimir Putin was, he said believe it or not, it was just a bunch of crap.

The fans cheered the name of ‘USA’. Rusev pointed to the Russian flag which was hanging high above his head. The Big Show and said that they could not handle the truth. The Big Show showed what actually happened, and what actually the truth was.

The video footage on the big screen appeared where an emotional video footage was shown featuring Mark Henry and Big Show. Then Big Show made a promise to mark Henry that he would destroy Rusev. And last week on Smackdown, Big Show actually dominated Rusev, Big Show was closing in on victory before Lana interfered and distracted Big Show. Rusev tried to take the advantage of the situation but Big Show knocked him out with the Knock Out punch.

Big Show attempted to say something but Rusev interfered him. He said that he would destroy the Big Show (oh yes, Rusev actually spoke English). He said that he would break every bone of Big Show’s body. Big Show said that enough of talking, they should fight rather than shouting on the mic. Big Show ran inside the ring but Lana and Rusev left the ring started escaping slowly.

Big Show took off the Russian flag which was hanging high above the ring. Rusev ran inside the ring to fight Big Show but Big Show threw him out of the ring. Rusev and Lana escaped slowly.

Backstage John Cena was interviewed by Renee Young where he was asked about his feelings on pairing up with Dean Ambrose against Kane and Randy Orton. Cena praised the crowd for their loud reaction (the crowd which was actually booing him quite loud). He started talking about Dean as Dean came out and stood beside him. Cena asked Ambrose if he had something to say, Ambrose that after they dealt with Kane and Orton, Rollins would belong to him. Cena said if Seth Rollins dared to show his face before, during or after the match he was going to receive a beat down from Cena’s hands. Ambrose threatened Cena not to get in his way.

WWE Divas champion AJ Lee came out for the next contest of the night. Paige came out before AJ’s opponent. Paige introduced AJ Lee’s opponent of the night and her new best friend. It was Alicia Fox (for a moment I thought it would Tamina Snuka).

Match 6 – Alicia Fox defeated WWE Divas champion AJ Lee in a non title match. Paige created a distraction for AJ of which Alicia took the advantage and pinned AJ. After the match, Paige knocked AJ Lee with the Rampaige.

Match 7 – WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow in a non-title match. Sheamus pinned Sandow with the brogue Kick.

Hulk Hogan came out to the arena. He said that he had some very special moment in his career, especially in the Chicago. He felt honored to make a huge announcement. He praised the works of Susan Komen and said all WWE went pick. Hogan showed the survivors from the breast cancer.

Main Event – John Cena and Dean Ambrose defeated Kane and Randy Orton by disqualification. Dean Ambrose was about to pin Randy Orton with the Dirty Deeds before Seth Rollins attacked him. Dean fought back and Seth went outside. Dean chased him behind. Cena stood on the other side. Dean clotheslined Rollins down. Ambrose and Cena both tried to beat Rollins. Between this, Cena and Ambrose fought with each other, Ambrose threw Cena out of the ring. Orton came from behind and nailed Ambrose with the RKO. At the outside Kane beat down John Cena. Kane came inside and choke slammed Ambrose. Rollins Curb Stomped Ambrose on the Money in the Bank briefcase. Cena tried to fight them but it took one RKO from Orton to show him the ground. Kane picked Cena up and choke slammed him. Rollins ended up with a Curb Stomp on the Money in the Bank briefcase. Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins stood tall and John Cena & Dean Ambrose were down as the show went off air.



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