The Authority; Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena as the show started. The broad smile is Stephanie’s face was somehow looked like a satisfactory, but they were clearly not happy after John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Stephanie McMahon revealed that she actually born in the city of Harper; the place Raw was being hosted that night. Stephanie McMahon said that they were actually there to celebrate the success of last night’s Money in the Bank. (The fans loudly chanted ‘Cena sucks’) She said that they started the night with Daniel Bryan, but his recovery would take a little bit longer than everyone hoped which was unfortunate, but they believed in the present not the past and last night Seth Rollins proved his worth when he defeated six other competitors to win the Money in the Bank contract, which virtually guaranteed that he would become the WWE World Heavyweight champion in the future.

Triple H started things now, he said that he always said that Seth Rollins was the future of WWE. But that was not the only thing that happened last night, because for the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight championship match was decided in an eight man ladder match. The man that won that match was he always knew he was an A+ player. That man last night made history after he won the world championship fifteen times. Triple H requested the fans to welcome the brand new WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena.

John Cena’s music rang and the new WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena came out. The fans thoroughly booed him. Stephanie McMahon handed him a microphone. Stephanie was about to say something about Cena interrupted her. He first referred Daniel Bryan that whenever Daniel Bryan would come back he would give him a WWE World Heavyweight title shot because he never lost it, he was forced to surrender it.

Stephanie McMahon asked the fans how many of them were gamers. Stephanie McMahon announced that John Cena would feature the cover art of the latest video game of WWE; WWE 2K15. The cover art of WWE 2K15 was shown; which looked quite cool. John Cena’s music rang again, and Stephanie McMahon started dancing, honestly, that was quite weird, she should not have been doing this.

Stephanie said that it was amazing and he congratulated Cena. Cena thanked them and said that they were being way too nice way too soon. Because he was there last night at the money in the Bank, when the match ended he saw a different look on the pair of those faces (he mentioned to the faces of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). He showed image of their facial expression after John Cena won the titles where they were clearly not happy with Cena’s victory.

Stephanie McMahon tried to say that that look was because of Randy Orton’s injury. John Cena said that it was not because of that, Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins might stay in their back pockets, but Cena did not.

Triple H said that they had no problem with John Cena featuring on the cover art of WWE 2K15, they were not in any problem with Cena making movies or featuring in the covers of WWE magazines, hell, it did not bother him that he was the champion since he was respectful to them. He could always chose between the easy and the hard way.

Cena said that he would do things he always did in, he would do it by the hard way. Triple H said that he would have been disappointed if Cena would have said anything else, hard way is his choice, so hard way it would be. So at Battle Ground, he would his newly won championship in a fatal 4 way match.

Stephanie McMahon said that in a fatal 4 way match John Cena had to compete where he did not even get pinned and submitted to lose title. Triple H revealed who would compete against him in that match, between two of them he would have to compete on that night. It would be the Viper Randy Orton and the Big Red machine Kane. But there would be a partner for him on that night against Randy Orton and Kane, his partner would be the 4th man to enter the fatal 4 way match at the next pay per view event Battleground; Roman Reigns. Triple H asked John Cena to enjoy his moment.

John Cena mocked Triple H by addressing him boss and said he did it. When he would beat the other three competitors at Battleground in the fatal 4 way he would surely prove that he earned the title. He said that he chose to be on the hard way and he had no regrets about it. He left the mic and escaped the ring.


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