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WWE Smackdown March 21, 2017 Analysis 

WWE Smackdown March 21, 2017 Analysis

Smackdown had a great show for us this week. We had some good matches, promos, good feud build ups for WrestleMania and we even had a title change on the episode.

AJ Styles started the show with a cool promo where he talked about his attack on Shane McMahon last week. It was a short promo, but it was good. He waited for Shane McMahon at the parking lot just like last week to beat him down again. Now this part of the segment looked kinda numb. Would anyone wait for someone alone in an area to beat him up by letting everyone know his intention? Specially after the same thing he did to the person just a week ago?

The ending of this segment and the night was really cool. Shane McMahon entered the ring and called out AJ Styles. AJ came out and asked to bury the hatchet. Shane attacked AJ as soon as he entered the ring which was a kind of surprise, and it was cool too. At the end of the segment, Shane McMahon put AJ threw the announce table when he jumped from the top rope to hit a flying elbow. It looked like he missed the elbow but it looked really amazing. It is surprising that he did such a risky maneuver just two weeks before WrestleMania. He could hurt himself. These types of things are not very common in normal segments in a weekly show, so it is indeed a great build up for this feud.

We had a cool backstage segment between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. It was pretty scary in some aspects. A lot of guys wearing goat masks beat down Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt addressed him afterwards. It was a cool cryptic segment. Luke Harper was also seen after quite a while. He challenged Bray Wyatt for a match next week. So yes, we will finally have this match between Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Miz and Maryse dressed up as John Cena and Nikki Bella and they made a parody of Total Bellas. Next week they will show more footages of this parody. It was a funny tape and good way to build up this feud. Maryse was looking really beautiful in Nikki Bella’s outfit. She looked really gorgeous in the black hair.

We had four matches this week, two of them were really good, one could not go on for long due to outside interference, and the other one was bad.

The first match was for the Smackdown tag team championship. The Usos won the tag team titles in this match. It was a really cool match. We do not know why fans remained really quiet throughout the match. We got to see the pin broken after two different finishers. Usos winning the titles is a good outcome, they deserved it and it seriously needed to be done.

The other good match we had was between Randy Orton and Baron Corbin, it was a great physical match up. It was booked for fifteen minutes where Orton picked up the victory after the returning Dean Ambrose distracted Corbin. After the match, Ambrose accepted Corbin’s challenge for the Intercontinental championship and the final match of WrestleMania is now added to the card.

About the other two matches, Becky Lynch and Carmela had a match which was called off due to interference from Natalya. John Cena had a match against Fandango who played the role of an ultimate jobber. There was nothing special about this match except Nikki Bella picked up Tyler Breeze on her shoulders for the Rack Attack 2.0

Overall it was a superb show. One of the best shows since the brand split and arguably it was the best Smackdown of 2017. We had a title change on this week, two great matches and some cool promos. We also got the full WrestleMania 33 match card set after Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin match gets added into the card. This episode helped really well to hype WrestleMania.

Sportzwiki Rating – 4/5

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