WWE news: More Updates regarding huge returns at Royal Rumble PPV
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WWE News: More Return Updates For The Royal Rumble PPV In 2017

  • As reported earlier, next year’s Royal Rumble might see some huge returns. The list should start with the HBK, Shawn Michaels who will be a hometown favorite. The legend is hailed from San Antonio, Texas where the 30th edition of the Royal Rumble PPV will be hosted. So, his return is almost confirmed to pull the crowd.

    Now, we are getting one huge name, in addition. Bully ray is the singles persona of the legendary tag team performer, Bubba Ray Dudley. Now, recently in a conversation on Twitter, he gave hint to return to WWE with his singles persona at the Royal Rumble PPV in 2017.

    One fan of him asked on the social media site that if we are ever going to see the heelinsh Bully Ray character in the WWE. In reply, he teased with an answer which said “Remember the Alamo.” This certainly points out his return to the WWE at the Rumble event since it is going to take place at the Alamaodome which is supposed to be a historic edition.

    The fans were overwhelmed by Bubba’s reply and they could not be happier. They posted more tweets in support of his singles character which is yet to debut in the WWE. His bully Ray character was much appreciated by the pro-wrestling fans in the TNA stint and it might be taken to the WWE, as well for one last time.

    Bubba and D-Von returned to the WWE, last year after Summerslam. Though, in this time they were only given the jobber’s task and hence the stint failed totally. This forced them to take retirement from the WWE as a tag team. It will be interesting to see if WWE takes the risk of bringing the villain with a repackaged gimmick to the roster.

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