So Hell in a Cell would be the second pay-per-view on the same year without a World championship match. Firstly, this is absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea why they are up to hype Brock Lesnar that much. The guy is terrible on mic, he does not perform in the weekly shows, most importantly, he is a part timer, Brock Lesnar’s title reign is even worse than the Rock’s reign in 2013. They let him break Undertaker’s streak, they made him world champion and he did not even show up for over a month, most of the fans do not like him, still, Brock Lesnar is your world champion. Things do not work like this seriously, if Lesnar wants to be a successful champion he needs to perform in every pay per view and at least twice in the weekly shows. Brock Lesnar looks good as a champion, his gimmick suits him, but his lack of appearances are seriously ruining things. We can’t say that the match card of Hell in a Cell looks excellent, it is pretty average. They are projecting double main event, but I do not know how many fans are looking forward at Randy Orton vs. John Cena. The other one looks quite cool though. Let us talk about the matches that had been listed for the event in brief;

Arguably, Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose is the most anticipated match of the night. This is going to be the third time that these two athletes are going one on one in a pay per view event. The first time when a one on one match was listed was in the Battleground pay per view event which could never start officially. At Summerslam, these two athletes fought in a Lumberjack match in which Seth Rollins came out victorious. The very next week on Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose again. Dean disappeared for a while after that, but he returned at the last pay per view event Night of Champions because Roman Reigns picked up an injury. Now he got his match against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. This feud not only contains the best storyline of all the running feuds right now, it is also the only interesting feud. We are pretty sure that this would be the best match of these two athletes so far and this match also has the potential to be one of the best match of the year as well. But we think this would not be the end of this feud, it might run for a while more since there are not enough main eventers.

Then it comes to Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the 99999th time. I can’t blame them, they did not keep enough main eventers in the roster, and with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan injured, and Brrrrrock Lesnar is too good to perform with the current superstars (the way WWE is oiling Lesnar’s feet, at least it seems like this this), what else do you except. They have Kane in the roster, but you know, adding Kane in a pay per view match turns too predictable, everybody knows that they will not let Kane get a big victory anymore. So it had to be John Cena vs. Randy Orton. We know that this is going to be a good match, but is it anticipated at all? What was the point of this feud? Or I say, is it seriously following any storyline? The answer is simple; it was just added to feel the match card, who cares for a storyline between Cena and Orton, it would be boring anyway. But since it is in the card, like it or not you have to watch it anyway.

The United States championship match between the champion Sheamus and the challenger Miz is surprisingly more interesting because of an outsider. Yep you guessed it right, I am talking about Damien Sandow, or, I would say Damien Mizdow like they say. You see, WWE forced Mizdow to be an undercard, they forced him to do terrible things, still, he is growing people’s attention and getting really famous. You have to give to credit to Damien for this. The role he is playing sounds pretty humiliating, but the way he is doing it, it looks really marvelous. I have seen the reaction of people all over the internet, on Facebook, on twitter, on Instagram or wherever you go, fans are enjoying Mizdow and a lot of people keep waiting to see Mizdow in a show. So as this match, even Mizdow is not been performing. About Sheamus, unfortunately, he is turning a little boring, the creative need to do something to make him attractive again, he is a talented wrestler, he should be on a better position. This match would be pretty interesting, and we hope to see an enjoyable performance from these athletes.

It is quite funny to see that the two challengers for the United States championship and the Intercontinental championship consecutively did exactly nothing and just switched their places with each other. The Miz was having Intercontinental title shot just couple of months ago and Cesaro was having United States title shot on the same time. Now, if any of the titles does not change hand and both feud end, it would be totally ridiculous. The feud between Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro certainly does not follow any storyline, it is just a match feud. But still, it looks a little impressive because of the match stipulation that has been added lately. This past week on Monday Night Raw, Dolph Ziggler successfully defended his intercontinental championship against the Swiss superman, now, at Hell in a Cell he will defend the title against the same man in a two out of three falls match. The feud has been going on for quite a while, as I said, it does not follow any decent storyline, still, it is not boring as both performers are doing a pretty good job. I would say, this feud can continue for a while more, it is not boring at all, and if such a feud seriously runs a little longer, that would definitely be best for business.

Rusev’s latest feud with the Big Show had been his best feud in WWE so far. Rusev has been quite common in this feud just like his previous feuds, but the storyline that has been followed by the match is better than all previous feuds of Rusev. These two athletes faced each other before, but the match never came to any strong conclusion. But the way it ended, it looked like Rusev was going to steal a clean submission victory if Mark Henry did not attack him. There is a rumor of Rusev to feud Sheamus next. We do not know when that feud would take place. But sooner or later whenever it takes place, it would be very interesting to see how they arrange it since both athletes are European, Sheamus cannot represent United States of America in that feud being an Irish. About this feud, as it seems a little interesting, we think it should continue for a while more. The build-up is pretty cool, and nobody would mind to see a continuation of this feud for a little longer, maybe one more month.

The Usos are going to challenge Gold and Stardust for the WWE Tag Team championship for the first time after losing the title to them. Their last fight which took place at Night of Champions was really good. We hope to see another good match between these athletes at Hell in a Cell pay per view event. At Night of Champions, these four athletes fought for almost fifteen minutes and it was a very impressive match. Gold and Stardust won the titles in that match and this is their first defense against the previous champions. Since the Usos are involved in this match, we are expecting to see some high flying maneuvers too. Since there are no more tag teams in the roster, we think these feud would continue for a number months more.

Finally, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella going one on one, I think they should wait a little longer to make this match official, Survivor Series would have been a better venue than Hell in a Cell to make this match official. Let us talk about a little about this all started. When the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan picked up an injury and Stephanie McMahon forced him to submit the title. Brie Bella decided to quit rather than seeing her husband insulted. Stephanie McMahon kept punishing Nikki Bella and told her that whatever situation she had to go through was all because of her sister who let her alone to suffer. Brie came back before Summerslam and got a match with Stephanie McMahon at the event. Nikki Bella interfered during the match and cost Brie her match against Stephanie McMahon. After the event, Nikki kept blaming Brie for a lot of things, she said that Brie was self-centered and very selfish. Nikki never protested but she could not help it anymore. Brie tried her best to convince her sister, but at the end, she too got mad at Nikki, and the two twin sister turned bitter enemies. So this is the storyline of this feud. Indeed it is cool, and definitely very good for a diva feud. But I do not think Hell in a Cell is the right venue to hold this match. The stipulation that had been added is also interesting. Surely, this feud will continue for a while more.

And lastly, let us talk about the WWE Divas championship match. The feud started just after the week of WrestleMania 30 and it is still running so long because these two divas are currently the best two divas of the roster, and fans are loving this feud. But there is something really awful about this match at Hell in a Cell pay per view event. These two divas have fought each other for so many times before, and a one on one match between the two has been listed for Hell in a Cell pay per event again, but after facing each other so many times, they are still battling in a normal regular one on one match. What is wrong the creative? Just because they were divas, they can’t get a stipulation? It is seriously not fair. If they want to continue this feud after Hell in a Cell, which they should, they must arrange a stipulated match next time. Since it is just another regular singles match, there is nothing to expect much from this match, just like their previous matches, it would be another 5-6 minutes long match with an inconclusive end.



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