Andrew Strauss gives a green signal to T20 leagues

Krishna Chopra / 15 November 2015

England’s director of cricket Andrew Strauss feels that T20 leagues across the globe must be accepted and given a green signal. While several people feel that excessive T20 cricket is spoiling the game, Strauss said that it leads to the development of a side.

“Our game in our country is relatively well set-up for Test cricket,” Strauss said. “We’ve got to number one in the world and we’ve won the last four Ashes series at home. But the one-day stuff has been a constant thorn in our side over a long period of time.

“That’s the area that we really need to do things differently. If we don’t do things differently we won’t get a different result. We’re not going to make massive strides in one-day cricket without making some hard decisions along the way, and I think we have to be prepared to do that,” Strauss said.

Strauss said that certain individuals, in order to excel in limited overs, must participate in T20 leagues. “In the past we have always made our sacrifices by resting people for one-day series rather than Test matches,” Strauss said.

“But in future we are going to need far more balance between the two formats. If someone is a white-ball specialist and his focus in the short term is on white-ball cricket, then it seems an easy decision to make between players gaining IPL experience and missing part of the English summer.



“There’s always going to be some people in the middle who are good enough to be playing in both forms, but hopefully we’ll have a fair amount of separation between the sides.

“I don’t think you are saying that for the rest of your career you will be viewed only as a white-ball specialist. What you’re saying is, ‘we see you playing a very full role in white-ball cricket, and at the moment, you’re not one of those guys that is fundamental to both forms of the game. Therefore, focus on getting better in white-ball cricket,'” Strauss added.


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