Well, as the saying goes “like father like son”, Arjun Tendulkar seems to be proving it. He has been selected to visit South Africa for a 15-day cricket tour. He would leave on 2nd November and return on 15th November and would be a part of Worli Cricket Club. He is also chosen as the Captain of 16 to 18 Age Group Team.

It is worthwhile to mention that his father, the legendary Sachin Tendulkar was also chosen to tour England in 1988 and 1989 as a part of Star Cricket Club. He gained a lot of exposure over there and it contributed in making his entry to the Indian Cricket Team much smoother.

The owner of the Worli Cricket Club, Mr. Avinash Kadam, who is also organizing this tour seemed impressed by Arjun’s performance when he opined “Arjun did exceptionally well when we toured SA last year. He was the highest run-scorer. Like his father, Arjun is a keen learner and has been part of our club for the last two years.”

He also confirmed that the club would be playing 10 matches, each consisting of 45 overs each. The team would be competing against some top schools in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Potchefstroom.

Mr. Kadam also stressed on the importance of such tours by saying “Such trips are very important because most of our cricketers only play in Mumbai. They have no avenues to play in different conditions. A trip like this provides good exposure to these youngsters. It gives them a sense of playing on faster wickets”

Mr. Kadam has been organizing these tours since 2011. He also elaborated on the financial aspect of managing the tour by stating “Those who are financial well off, pay for their trip. We look for sponsors for those who cannot afford it.”

Given the meticulous guidance of legend Sachin Tendulkar and the commitment shown by Arjun, the fans will not be surprised to see him making his mark for Team India in the years to come, much earlier, then the expected. Best wishes.

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