At last Pakistan is able to arrange a series against India. In the upcoming Future Tour Programme Pakistan Cricket Board arranged Test series with other countries too. But Pakistan cricket Board reduced number of matches which are being played. They will play only two test matches against India.Pakistan need to think about this reducing match fact. They are not having any International series since some months. So, when they arranged it, so reducing match is not the good thing, which will left a bad impact on Pakistan Cricket board.

Terrorism has covered Pakistan’s face since long days. Cricket is known as Gentleman’s game. Indeed it is a Gentleman’s game, but sometime its glory, dignity, class is just spoiled by some terrorist vandals, who just destroy the art of sport. These vandals are growing day by day. Many times many country is affected by those anti socials. Who are this anti-social vandals? They are the person who do not like to create bridge of friendship, love between any countries. This terrorism is the main hurdles of Pakistan Cricket Boards Their focus is on to only war, not peace. Pakistan should take initiative to stop this warmonger vandals to make peace in world otherwise it will be loaded with full of death, cry, hunger and the dark side of the society. Last International cricket occurred at Pakistan in 2009, and they played last with India in 2012. Since then they have not played either in Pakistan or India. These black cloud of terrorism is the main reason restricting other countries to arrange any kind of match.

After these situation this year they managed to arrange International cricket with India, Australia, and England. Pakistan Cricket Board said that they are eager to play more matches than decided but some legal issues are binding them to do that. Not only from India series, Pakistan Cricket Board also have reduced to two and three matches against South Africa and England respectively.

The report is saying that Pakistan is allowed to play only 77 test matches until the first month of 2023.these Future Tour Programme will be binding after member nations sign bilateral agreement.

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