Winning Test series against Protease is beginning of a "wonderful journey" for Ashwin

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 08 December 2015

India’s current leading spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is very excited after winning the Test series against the no.1 Test ranking team.

India beat South Africa by 3-0 in the four-match Test series. He said that it is the start of a “wonderful journey” for the Test team and also believes that it can help for improvement their record in the Test at overseas.

Ashwin get man of the series award after grabbed up 31 wickets in the four Test matches.

He told to the ‘’, “When we got that last wicket, we could not express ourselves. It was amazing! Everybody was hugging each other and we don t even remember what we were all doing out there. Having beaten a team like South Africa, we have set on a wonderful journey.”

“I am sure our better days as a team are ahead of us. We will tour overseas soon and I am very hopeful that we will be on the right track there as well. I want to congratulate all the boys who have been on this journey with me. To get another Man of the Series award I was craving for it, but I didn t know it will come so soon again, after Sri Lanka.”

Ashwin praised to the Protease batting in the fourth innings of the last Test match at Feroz Shah Kotla, which was made tougher life for the Indian team.


He said, “First things first, you have got to give credit where it is due. They shut shop and showed a lot of discipline. But while they were defending everything, the defence wasn’t that great. If there was a bit more bounce or fizz in the wicket, we might have had an edge here and there. Having said that, they assessed the conditions very well; they were very dogged in their defence.”

Ashwin also spoke out that how challenging this wicket for the bowlers to pick up wickets. He said, “They wanted to bring something out of us. All through the series I was there and thereabouts and wasn’t giving anything away. But this innings demanded something more and I was trying to mix it up a bit. I was lobbing an odd full-toss and giving them one up there to get them into the driving mode and see if I can get a nick.”

Ashwin expressed about his understanding with Ravindra Jadeja, “Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) was at his best, bowling the same length all through the game. I tried and adapted myself much better this time because there was nothing in the wicket and even the ball hitting the glove was dropping. To get the batsmen out when they are adamantly defending everything is very tough. So, we had to be imaginative, as we discussed this morning, and I thought my imagination came through in the end.”


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