PKL 6: Bengal Warriors defeat Telugu Titans 30-25

Mumbai, Nov 10: Bengal Warriors defeated Telugu Titans 30-25 in a zone B clash of the ongoing Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) here on Friday.

Rahul Chaudhary’s eight raid points were not enough to stop Bengal from clinching their fourth victory in this season’s league. Bengal rode on collective efforts by Maninder Singh, Baldev Singh and skipper Surjeet Singh, who collected six, five and four points respectively.

The game saw the Surjeet-led side improving their defence as Bengal collected more tackling points than raiding points.

Bengal started on a good note with a 2-0 lead in the initial few momets before Telugu Titans collected few raid points to make the issue 2-3.

Jang Kun Lee collected a bonus point in the third minute to make it 3-1 but a great pursuit raid by Krushna Madane saw him ushered to the bench with the score becoming 3-2.

Maninder got Rahul when he missed an ankle hold and Krushna Madane was ushered as well since he entered the lobby to make it 5-2 in the 4th minute.

Both teams moved forward with a defensive strategy, working on their strengths. Abozar Mighani got his first scalp in the form of Maninder Singh in his Do-Or-Die raid as he dashed him out of the mat in the seventh minute to make it 6-4.

A Super Tackle on Maninder by Farhad Milaghardhan dashing him out of the mat helped them make it 12-10 in the 19th minute. The half ended with Bengal leading by 13-10.

The second half saw Telugu Titans face the inevitable as they conceded the All Out when Farhad Milaghardhan stepped out of the mat without a touch being made and then Nilesh Salunke had to surrender to Ran Singh in the 22nd minute and make it 18-12.

Rahul Chaudhari finally looked like getting his rhythm back as he got 3 touch points in 3 raids. This saw him get Ziaur Rahman, Adarsh T and Surjeet Singh respectively to make it 20-15 in the 26th minute.

Baldev got a Super Tackle on Nilesh Salunke in the 28thminute to make it 22-16 and overturn the momentum in Bengal’s favour.

It looked like Telugu Titans would’ve conceded another All Out in the 32nd minute if Abozar Mighani had not played an important role in stopping Maninder Singh from crossing the midline because he had stepped off the mat.

This converted a five-point raid by Maninder with an All Out converted into a 1 point raid with only Abozar leaving the mat.

The 35th minute saw Mohsen Maghsoudlou make a Super Tackle on Maninder Singh to reduce the lead to seven points with the score reading 26-19.

Bengal Warriors then killed as much time as they could by crushing every single second from a raid. Bengal Warriors won the match against Telugu Titans by 30-25.

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