Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger described the behaviour of Chelsea fans in Paris Metro as “pathetic” ahead of Gunners’ trip to Crystal Palace.

The incident involved a group of Chelsea supporters preventing a black man entering the carraige in Metro at Paris after their 1-1 draw against PSG. the incident brought a wide range criticism both for the club and its supporters. The Gunners manager has described such behaviour should not be tolerated and it is dreadful.

Wenger blasted the people who caused the incident by saying,”It looked pathetic and dreadful, it seems we always have a recurrence of this problem. We have to be severe in the punishment.”

“Unfortunately we have a recurrence of that always. But we have to be extremely severe with any incident of that calibre. It’s society’s problem. Look, more intelligent people than myself have thought about that and nobody has found a miraculous solution. It starts from childhood and education, and an open-minded attitude.

“There’s a danger of having radical people in every society. Look, since I’ve observed youth movements, there are always a number of people ready for radical solutions. Most of the time you have to control them. I don’t think anyone agrees with that kind of behaviour. Everybody has to fight against that. Why should we not? You have to be 100% against that. It’s absolutely ridiculous”, he added.

Arsenal will take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Saturday and Wenger confirmed that Jack Wilsherewill be available for selection after an absence of almost three months with an ankle ligament injury.

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