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Full Slammy award coverage with videos: See who won the Superstar and Diva of the year

  • Superstar of the year: Seth Rollins

    This one was not a surprise. After becoming the money in the bank winner he was the first ever person to cash in it at Wrestlemania and becoming the champion. So, now Seth ‘freaking’ Rollins had become the Superstar of the year and the surprise was he showed up to accept his slammy.


    Diva of the year: Nikki Bella

    No surprise either. After becoming the longest reigning Divas champion of all time and one of the most famous celebrity sportsperson of the year Nikki deserved the prize. She showed up to accept the prize and dedicated the award to the Divas division alongside the female athletes.


    Match of the year: Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar (Hell in a Cell)

    Paul Heyman was present to accept the award on behalf of his client. The vicious match which marked the end of a decade long lasting rivalry was indeed the most deserved one in the category list.


    ‘Awesome’ moment of the year: Rock and Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania

    The two sports legends in men’s and women’s division showed up at wrestlemania to give us a special moment and it was the most worthy one.


     Surprise return of the year: Sting

    Sting’s appearance replacing Seth Rollins’ statue was the most surprising return of this year.


    ‘The Hero in All of us’ award: John Cena

    Cena is the top most celebrity in WWE and being the franchise and a social worker around the globe had handed him the award.


    ‘OMG moment of the year’: Kalisto


    Kalisto hitting Salida Del Sol from the top rope was chosen the best.


    LOL moment of the year: R-Truth

    It does not get any better when Truth comes out in the ring and the award was given rightfully.


    Breakout star of the year: Neville

    The man who literally got gravity forgot is indeed the breakout star of the year.


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