The Asian Games 2014 will start from 19th September, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. The men’s and women’s cricket competitions will feature ten teams respectively.

There is a bad news for India as India is not participating in the Asian Games 2014. India will not send any team for this event. Pakistan will not send their men’s cricket team but they will only be sending their women’s cricket team in this gorgeous event. But Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the only two countries who will be sending full men and women cricket teams. But Bangladesh Team may rest their top players as they will just be returning from West Indies tour. In this squad they will have a mixture of few first team and second team players.

For Sri Lanka they will have a ‘Sandwich Schedule’ as this event will be between two of their tours, one in Pakistan and the other will be a visit of England in November. Last time they eliminated in the semi-finals after losing to Bangladesh. The sides competing in the men’s competition will be Afghanistan, China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Maldives and Nepal along with the hosts South Korea. South Korea is trying to convert their baseball players into cricketers and currently are in Fiji for the preparation. 

United Arab Emirates could not be registered as the rules of Asian games demands all participants to be nationals of their respective country. China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and host South Korea will be making their debut in international women’s cricket. These countries will be joined by three full members.

The exact format of the tournaments is not confirmed yet by the committee. In the last Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, cricket was played for the first time in Asian Games. Bangladesh won the gold medal in men’s and Pakistan won the gold in women’s tournament respectively. The Yeonhui Cricket Ground, where the cricket matches will be played in this event, has been constructed in Incheon, which will have 7 turf wickets and seating for over 2,000 spectators.

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