ICC still undecided on 2019 World Cup Format

Shashi / 27 February 2015

ICC is still in dilemma of deciding the count for participating cricket teams for the world cup 2019. As the number has not been finalized, still a long debate is in process, and decision is yet to make. Recent times, ICC has under gone criticism for proposing cut back in number of team’s participation for the next World Cup.

On Friday, the International Cricket Council responded to growing criticism as its proposed cut risked damaging the sport’s development. Cricket chiefs have come under fire for planning reduction the number of teams involved for next world to 10 from the 14, as currently taking part in the on-going tournament of World Cup 2015, in Australia and New Zealand.

ICC chief executive David Richardson has shown the sign of a healthy debate on topic after this world cup. As  Ireland has beaten West Indies by four wickets in their WC-2015 opener and other teams like Afghanistan are showing astonishingly rapid progress as they defeated Scotland by just one wicket to record first World Cup win ever.

However, Richardson is pleased with the performances of the qualifiers so far and expecting efforts lot in future. The question that really matters is about the body of World Cup 2019. During this tournament there was criticism against the format of participation of 14 teams, as they are split into two pools of seven, with the top four in each pool qualifying for the quarter, resulted a long group stage. 

After this all at the end, the eight teams everyone thought would get through. According to Richardson, their main concern before this tournament was performance of the four Associate sides – Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland and the UAE, as now they are in some sort of relief with the results.

An online petition calling for the ICC to abandon the plan of reduction of numbers in 2019 has already got more than 13,000 signatures. They are also showing concerns with nine team’s participation with each other and top four going straight to semis, as same of in Australia and New Zealand 23 years ago.


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