The Indian team had an abysmal start in the third and the final T20I against England as a confusion between Indian skipper Virat Kohli and KL Rahul resulted in Virat Kohli losing his wicket, to what can be called as a ‘disgusting run-out’.

It was the first ball of the second over of the game from Chirs Jordan when Kohli tried to play a ball on the leg side but failed to make any contact with the ball. Bowler made an appeal for Leg before wicket and Kohli, who was in a state of utter confusion just ran for a single when there was no chance for it.

An utter confusion between the two resulted in Kohli being run-out as Chris Jordan, along with appealing for LBW, kept his eyes on the ball as well and was quick to pick it up and make a contact with the stumps. With this, the Indian team was one down at a score of four.

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