Virat Kohli's captaincy is a bit in the Sourav Ganguly mould: Steve Waugh

Sudipta / 14 September 2015

‘Virat Kohli’s captaincy is a bit in the Sourav Ganguly mould’: Steve Waugh

Former Australian captain Steve Waugh  compared Virat Kohli with former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly. Waugh, who played 168 Tests, said Kohli’s aggressive attitude would be one the traits of his leadership quality and “ his captaincy is a bit in the Sourav Ganguly”.

 “He will do well. He had a good win in Sri Lanka and very few sides in the past decade have won away from home, so that’s a good feather in his cap. I haven’t seen him as a captain much but I assume by the way he plays the game that he is out there to win. He plays aggressively and I guess his captaincy is a bit in the Sourav Ganguly mould, where he can be in your face and he can be a bit prickly at times. But I don’t mind that, I am happy to see that. As a captain, he is never going to back down or be trampled upon by the opposition and that’s a good thing for India,” explained the former Australian skipper. 

Talking about another young skipper, Australia’s Steve Smith, Waugh was convinced the 26-year-old was ready to take over the rein from Michael Clarke.

“He is a talented player and a good leader and he loves playing cricket. He likes the challenge and he is ready for captaincy and that’s the most important thing for a captain. You have to actually want to be a captain. When you are put into that role and you haven’t got your heart totally in it, then it is a very difficult position. But he wants to be captain,” said Waugh, who inaugurated a sports arena on the outskirts of the city on Sunday. 

With five Test retirements after the Ashes, the Australian team may well be in a transition phase, but Waugh insisted the team is in safe hands. 

“Every team is always in transition unless you got an incredible side. I was lucky as we had a pretty steady side for a long time.But most teams are sort of permanently in transition because of injuries and there is a lot of cricket, so you got to have depth.To be the number one side in the world these days, you need a squad of 15-20 really good players in the side. We got some good young players coming through and once they get their chances, they will prove to the world that they are more than capable. I think a player to look out for is Usman Khawaja who I think will do very well in the next 12 months. I am also looking forward to the Marsh brothers doing well because they can be the sort of middle order core,” Waugh signed off.


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