Klopp says Sturridge was right to be angry after being subbed off

Aakarsh / 04 April 2016

Liverpool held on to a deserving point at Anfield against Tottenham Hotspur as they dented the London club’s chances of the Premier League title this season.

The first substitution in the game saw star striker Daniel Sturridge replaced by Divock Origi and it was clear for everyone at Anfield to see that the England international was not happy being taken off with more than 15 minutes to go.

He made his frustrations clear when he stomped off the Anfield pitch and the German manager did take a note of this behavior.

However, he insisted that it was healthy for a top class player to feel hard done when substituted and said that until he uses violence to show his frustration, he is going the right way.

“I like this – as long as he doesn’t come off the pitch and do something really strange, like kicking me from behind!” Klopp said, with a smile.

Klopp added that it was not something that needs to be discussed and revealed that he saw the anger from the player as soon as he was off the field.

However, he stressed that it was important for the striker to feel that he could change the game around and added that until a player celebrates being substituted, there is nothing wrong with the player.

“I saw that he was not happy because I’m not blind. But that’s not a problem, because if he came off and (celebrated) something would be really wrong,” Klopp added.

He went on to explain that it was healthy to see the striker believe in himself and that it was signed that he belongs to the highest level of football.

He also defended his decision of taking the striker off and said that it was his choice to decide on what is better for the club.

He explained that it was a decision between getting Lallana or Sturridge off for Origi and that he chose Sturridge as it made more sense.

“We needed ways behind the [Tottenham] line. We needed Divock Origi’s physical strength, so I changed.

“I could have changed Adam Lallana and gone with two strikers but in my opinion — and only my opinion counts — it didn’t make sense, so that’s it,” Klopp explained.

The manager also spoke about the Tottenham result and said that his team played some good football and deserved the result. He added that he is happy with the fight showed by his team in recent times and said that the next season, the team will only get better.

“I see we really fight all the time for the three points until the last minute of the game.”

“That’s what you have really to learn, and that’s the way we are right now,” Klopp added.

Liverpool face Borussia Dortmund in the Europe league quarter final in their next game on Thursday.