Big name is likely to withdraw his name from Wrestlemania 32

Arindam Paul / 15 February 2016

Vince McMahon has promised to “get creative” in terms of this year’s Wrestlemania and hopefully this time around the show of immortals will indeed get “bigger”. There have been enough ruomors around who will be present at the biggest show of wrestling at the AT&T Stadium on April 3.

Earlier it was reported that Dave Bautista will be there at the grandest stage after he had some conversation with Vince for the same, but the news followed that it is now almost sure that he will not make it to the event. The reason for the same is the best awesomeness Vince McMahon’s team offered Bautista was a guest referee. Now that, Batista is a huge movie star in Hollywood, he is not going to accept such a “small” role in the biggest event.


A sure shot presence was given by the Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, given that the event will be hosted in Dallas area. But, with only less than two months away from the show he has not pitched anything for the show and sounded almost unaware of his presence while giving an interview this week with Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s ABC affiliate WHTM.

The confusion even got bigger after Stone Cold has stated the following, this week, “As far as the storyline goes, if it’s not something that really makes sense, if it’s not something that’s really good or has an impact, it’s not worth doing.”

So, only confirmed good news lying with the fans is that the Rock will be present at the show on April 3rd with some surprise waiting for the fans.


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