The introduction of the new era in WWE surely has refreshed the product in the past few months. Though, the reports suggest that the ratings got stuck and have not been on an increasing note as it was expected in the post-Extreme Rules scenario. Maybe the upcoming brand split will help a lot to improve the ratings but WWE is going to come with a big time remedy even prior to that. Many have suggested that the injury plague has caused the ratings so much and WWE will surely capitalize on their return. Last week, Rollins’ return at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view had not caused the mayhem yet, as it was expected.
So, WWE has planned something big for tonight’s Memorial Day’s edition of Monday Night Raw. The Franchise of the company returning itself is the biggest news and bound to draw some ratings but according to the sources the plans are even bigger with the return as something swerve will be in store. Backstage rumors suggest that a major surprise is in store apart from John Cena returning to action.

John Cena will be seen inside a squared circle for the first time after that short appearance at the grandest stage of Wrestlemania 32. If the backstage rumors turn out to be true, WWE is going to capitalize high time around the return of Cena. Rumors said two returns may occur at the end of the day creating a huge mayhem on the show. Even, the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles can be involved in the segment that is all set to make a huge impact on WWE in the near future.
With the rumor mill running rampant with the return of John Cena, it is safe to say that the night will be talked for a long time and Cena will end the show with all the focus back on him. Though, Cena had a little roadblock on his way to return as he along with WWE faced legal issues over his merchandise’s trademark violation. The t-shirts that were made for Cena’s return on Raw, seemed similar to the logo of beer firm Pabst Blue Ribbon. The company immediately took their Twitter handle to point out the clear violation. They also threatened to take legal actions, if needed. Here is the tweet:

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