WWE News: Update on how WWE Draft will work on Smackdown

Arindam Paul / 18 July 2016

We are almost thereof the monumental event, WWE Draft which could turn the biggest wrestling promotion in the world upside down. As of a long-time coming, WWE came up with the idea of the brand split and a brand extension WWE Draft which will take place on Tuesday. From tomorrow onwards, Smackdown will start airing live on the USA Network on every Tuesday. The countdown begins as the WWE Draft will finally look to equalize both the Raw and Smackdown brand.
It is clear that the commissioners from both the shows will choose members for their respective roster during the WWE Draft. Backstage reports tell us that it is not possible to surface the entire roster members through the draft. Hence, we will only get to know the top draft picks. The entire full roster will be revealed once the main show gets over.
Furthermore, WWE has already a pre-show and post-show for Smackdown on July 19th. The pre-show will discuss how the draft process will work throughout the show. Once the main show gets concluded the draft pickings will continue in the post-show as well, as reported by allwrestlingnews.com. Though, it is not confirmed how many drafts will be shown on the main show and on the post-show.
The rumor mill also suggests since there will be a number of new call-ups and returns considering the whole new reconstruction of the two brands, WWE is planning to release a documentary on the brand split. After making the draft a monumental occasion in the history of the company, the documentary will be released as a WWE Network special, reports cagesideseats.com.
The documentary will contain the inside stories regarding the brand split focusing the history of the WWE Draft from the past. With the help of their own Network, WWE has made themselves a standout from the rest in the pro-wrestling industry. With the advantage of this digital media platform, they are now an enormous media powerhouse.

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