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WWE Raw 11/5/14 – Daniel Bryan promo

All the histories of this rivalry between the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan and Kane was shown. And the segment was named as ‘Daniel Bryan addresses WWE Universe’. WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan came out to the arena and Brie Bella was not with him.

Bryan enjoyed the reaction of the crowd for a while who cheered for him wildly. Bryan started by thanking the fans who were sitting and watching him also those who are watching her on television, he said thanked them because he had to walk a long way before getting into this status.

He said that for the moment when he became the WWE champion for the first time last year at SummerSlam from John Cena, for those thirty seconds before Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank contract I knew that this whole thing was going to be an up whole battle. And it was difficult for him than he thought it could be.

The fans started chanting yes again. Bryan enjoyed that and said that might have been what it felt to be John Cena, and as soon as Bryan took the name of John Cena, fans started booing. He said somehow through the authority, Randy Orton, Batista, Big Show and everyone that came into the path, they broke the odds and he left WrestleMania XXX as the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

But unfortunately, when someone became the WWE World Heavyweight champion he put a huge target on his back. And as soon as he returned from his honeymoon, he got the worst feeling of his life. Kane came out and he tomb stoned him behind the floor, on the steel steps, on the announce table, but he was determined to beat Kane and at Extreme Rules he did. But that came with a style, with his entire style came with a price.

Many people cheered for him and chant for him, and he paid the price with his body, and unfortunately, he had to pay the price this week with a neck surgery. But he was frustrated that there were some people who were really happy about it, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kane, they seemed to be thrilled by the prospect and thought his career was pretty much done, and unfortunately, there was a chance that it could be. But it would not be.

He did not know when he would come back, but he asked the fans if he would come back. And the fans chanted yes. He himself chanted yes too.