Just to remind you the fact that earlier on the night Batista quit because he was not given a WWE World Heavyweight championship opportunity. Triple H kept saying one thing, there was a plan. And here was the execution of the plan.

It was announced that Randy Orton would go one on one against one of the Shield members who was Roman Reigns. It was scheduled as the main event of the show.

The Shield came out first from the crowd as they usually do. Dean Ambrose started things off (he did not sound that monotonous today, in fact, it was his best day on the mic I would say. Ambrose asked the fans how they looked like. He said that it felt great after last night when they faced their biggest challenge till date which was a no hold barred elimination six man tag team match against Evolution. And they did exactly they told they were going to do, they eliminated every single member of the Evolution one by one without suffering a single casualty. And that was something he called domination.

Seth Rollins started now, he said that last night at Payback The Shield adapted when Evolution perished. Earlier on that night, the whole world witnessed how Evolution was broken. And the reason behind they perished was, even though they were three of the biggest superstars in the history of WWE, last night they were not one like the Shield. And in the end, they were just three strangers who happened to be standing on the same side of the ring.

Reigns started by saying that they were brothers, that meant who stood in the ring were their brothers. He called out Randy Orton and he challenged that he would break his jaw.

The music of Evolution hit and Triple and Randy Orton came out. Triple H came out with a sledge hammer. Seth Rollins brought a chair after he saw Triple H bringing out the sledge hammer. Triple H said that he adapt better than anybody in this world. Last night was plan A, on that night, it would be plan B. There always a plan B.

Seth Rollins then shocked the world after he nailed Roman Reigns with the chair. There was a strong look of disbelief and shock on the face of Dean Ambrose who was also nailed by Seth Rollins. Rollins unloaded on Ambrose with chair as he completely destroyed him. Rollins went towards Evolution and handed the chair to Randy Orton. Orton went inside the ring and destroyed Roman Reigns with the chair. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H stood still over the Shield and that was the end of the show.


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