The show started as the Authority and Randy Orton was seen standing inside the arena. Kane started things off for the Authority. He told Orton that they could have told it to him in private, behind closed doors, before the show even started, but they wanted to do it out here, in public to prove to everyone who refused to believe that Orton was one of the Authority members. To rub it in their faces, so as the director of operations it was his duty to welcome him back into the authority.

Kane handed the mic to Big Show, Kane and Randy Orton shook hands. Big Show spoke out now. The fans booed Big Show very hard which really pissed Big Show off. Big Show told Orton that he knew Orton was one of the most talented wrestlers ever. He could have RKOd his father if he stood in his way. Big Show welcomed back Orton to home and shook hands.

Big Show handed over the mic to Jamie Noble now. Noble tried to appreciate Orton’s authority return. But then he said that he could not do it because Orton was no good. Rollins interrupted him. Rollins said that Noble had always been the sensitive one. He told Orton that Noble was 100% thrilled to have him back on the authority just like everyone.

Rollins continued as he said that everybody was saying that Randy Orton was not a part of the authority, he was just waiting to snatch his revenge on Seth Rollins. Whoever thought so were idiots. Orton and Rollins were standing side by side both as proud members of the authority. Rollins said that he was a little bit confused with Orton’s mind, J & J had a little bit of doubt. Kane had doubts too and no one really cared what Big Show thought. Big Show got angry to hear it, Rollins laughed on him, he was just making fun.

Rollins then said that they were all back together again, one big happy family. Now Rollins attempted to shake hands with Orton. Orton did not wait to shake hands with Rollins. Rollins wanted the fans stand up on their feet and show respect to Randy Orton. The fans cheered for Orton really high.

Rollins handed the mic over to Orton. Orton said whatever they told about him really touched Orton’s heart but they left him thinking something, that the hell have happened to the authority. Why are they kissing his a** like this. Orton went near to Kane, he told him that Kane was the Devil’s Favorite Demon, now was he the Devil’s favorite Dumba**? What was it for Kane, kicking a** or making names or kissing ** or making coffee.

Orton went near to Big Show. Big Show used to be the most dominant giant in the history of WWE, now he only could feel sorry for himself, from the most dominant superstar in the history to the most pathetic. He told Jamie Noble that he was the only one who had the guts to say whatever he wished, but why was he doing this? Was it because he knew Orton was, or maybe it was because he could have all the rides in Disneyland and Noble could not, his six year old daughter felt the same way. Orton went near to Joey Mercury but he did not say anything (maybe he forgot his line again?)

Orton now went near to Seth Rollins, the self proclaimed future of the WWE. He was blinded by his ego that he could not even see what was going on there. Orton was just waiting for his opportunity to strike Rollins week in and week out, and he was not just going to strike him but he was going to make him his bi*ch. He would make sure that no future remained for Seth Rollins.

Orton suddenly laughed off and said that he was just having fun, whatever he said was just for fun and he meant nothing serious. Rollins joined the celebration but the others remained quiet. Rollins laughed off and said that it was really funny and he got them all. He told that Orton and him would finish Roman Reigns on the main event tonight in a handicap match and that was what best for business.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A model employee is, erm, forcibly terminated by his employer, only to return with an understandable grudge against those who sent him packing. Cooler heads prevail and he’s allowed to return, though it took literally tripping up Public Enemy No. 1 to cement his allegiance for The Authority to allow him back with open arms.

Only, in Randy Orton’s case, his re-induction into The Authority wasn’t without its hiccups. The Viper responded to his official welcome back with a “joke.” That is to say, he roasted Big Show, Kane and J&J Security before foretelling a rather gruesome dismantling of Seth Rollins, before playing the whole thing off for yucks at the end. About the only members of The Authority who bought the joke were Rollins and Big Show, though the results of Raw’s main-event Handicap Match would truly determine if Orton’s future in The Authority was a laughing matter.



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