The storyline between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns was shown before the start of the show. Clips from their first one on one match at Summerslam were shown where Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton and it had been declared as the biggest win of Roman Reigns’ career. This past week on the Season Premier of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns faced each other one on one in a rematch from Summerslam. It was scheduled as the main event of the show. During the match, Randy Orton waved his hands which signified calling someone. Kane and Seth Rollins entered the arena along with a number of securities. Kane and Seth Rollins entered the ring and attacked Roman Reigns straight, Randy Orton also joined the attack to make it a three on one assault. Orton wanted the steel cage that was hanging above the ring to come out. The securities managed the steel cage to come down and surround the ring. Roman Reigns somehow fought back and he pushed Kane and Seth Rollins out of the arena. Inside the cage, Reigns started beating Orton down, Kane tried to enter the cage from the door, Reigns prevented him, but he could not prevent Rollins who jumped on him from the top of the cage. This knocked out Reigns and the three on one assault continued. This Reigns had no strength to fight back, Kane and Seth Rollins and Randy Orton all performed their finishing maneuver on Roman Reigns and beat him down badly.

The show started as the Big Show came out to the arena for the first contest of the night, Mark Henry came out next as his tag team partners. WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos followed them behind as their tag team partners. Next came Goldust and Stardust as their opponents, and the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) came to join Goldust and Stardust as their tag team partners. This match had been scheduled as an eight man tag team action.

Match 1 – The Big Show, Mark Henry and The WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated Goldust, Stardust and the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) in an eight man tag team match. Good match to start things off, Jey Uso pinned Stardust to earn the victory for his team.

Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Paul Heyman tried to manipulate John Cena. He wanted John Cena to tirn on the fans who kept booing him and chanting ‘Cena Sucks’ even after Cena served the fans for quite a long time. He asked and begged John Cena to say shut up on the face of those fans. John Cena shouted ‘shut up’ on the face of Paul Heyman. He told him that he did not care what his haters say, he would like to be the guy for those kids who had the wish to hang out with John Cena for a day. He would like to be the guy for those kids who wanted to be like John Cena when he grew up. He could not be the evil John Cena that a number of fans wanted him to see as.

Backstage Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins was seen talking to each other on their success of Monday Night Raw. Kane said that they had an unforgettable season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Now, Chris Jericho would remind what they did to Roman Reigns last week before he did anything wrong. Seth Rollins said that he told that guy that he could get in his head. It was too bad for him that he could figure what he actually meant. Seth Rollins proposed another assault on Roman Reigns. Randy Orton said that he love to beat down Roman Reigns again and if he did, it would be even more dangerous than the one comparing to last week’s attack from Monday Night Raw. Kane added that was what best for business.

Bo Dallas came out to the arena for the next contest of the night. Justin Gabriel came out as his opponent. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter remained outside of the ring. Before the start of the match, Bo Dallas said that like sometimes became so funny. Most of the fans had been failures in their lives. But if they listened to what he said they could be just like him. They could all be America’s Sweet Heart. He requested everyone in the arena to rise and place their right hand over their hearts. Zeb Colter prevented him and made fun on Bo Dallas claiming himself as the America’s Sweet Heart. He said that  that American’s did not have to Bo – Lieve, they just had to rise, place right hand on their hearts, and say in a loud and clear voice; ‘We the People.’

Match 2 – Bo Dallas defeated Justin Gabriel. Bo Dallas pinned Justin Gabriel with the Bo Dog. After the match, Bo Dallas provoked Jack Swagger for a fight. Jack Swagger came into the ring and they started fighting. Bo Dallas avoided the fight by escaping the ring.

Match 3 – WWE Divas champion Paige defeated Summer Rae by submission. Paige made Summer Rae submit with the Black Widow, the Submission maneuver of AJ Lee. After the match, as Paige was attempting to leave the ring, Summer Rae’s friend Layla went near her but AJ Lee stopped Layla from behind and knocked her out with the Paige Turner, the submission maneuver of Page.

Arm Wrestling Contest – Mark Henry defeated Rusev in an Arm Wrestling Match. Lana had an word with the official Michael Cole after the match. She claimed that the hand was not fully down so the victory could not granted. Michael Cole said that Lana and Rusev wanted a rematch, but this time in this arm wrestling contest both superstars would use their left hands. Mark Henry accepted the challenge. As Mark Henry and Rusev started another arm wrestling contest, Henry was on the driving seat and close to a victory, Lana sprayed white powders on the face of Mark Henry. Rusev took the advantage of the situation and beat down Mark Henry.

Backstage Chris Jericho was interviewed by Renee Young. Renee asked Jericho on his thoughts of his tag team match later tonight, and also about the assault of the Authority on Roman Reigns this past week on Monday Night Raw’s season premiere. Jericho talked about his steel cage match against Bray Wyatt last week on Monday Night Raw, and he said that it was one of the best steel cage matches of all time. He might have lost the match, but on his terms he could accept that. But what he could not accept was Randy Orton’s attack from behind to tried to make a statement, because was a six times World Champion. But the Viper made a mistake, because right now, Jericho was the Viper Vanquisher. And once he got his hands on Randy Orton, he would never ever be the same again.

Match 4 – Dolph Ziggler and R Truth defeated The Miz and Damien Sandow. R Truth played the gimmick of Ziggler just like Sandow played the gimmick of Miz. Ziggler pinned Sandow for the victory.

Backstage Nikki Bella was interviewed where she said that the entire got a taste on what she was having for her entire life. Now she should be focusing on the Divas championship, because thinking of the Divas championship helped her forget about her sister. AJ Lee and Paige joined the conversation. Paige said that this fight was not about Nikki, it was about AJ and Paige. And after the match, they could be best friends again. Paige and AJ left, Nikki said that she actually it could be easy.

Main Event – Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Very good match, Chris Jericho pinned Randy Orton to earn the victory for his team. Jericho and Reigns left celebrating, Orton stood inside the ring as the show went off air.


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