WWE Smackdown: John Cena shows up one last time before sabbatical

Arindam Paul / 08 January 2016

As Smackdown kicks off in USA Network the franchise welcomes us all in the blue brand to hype it up. Set up for the night are two title matches, the Divas and IC title matches and Cena makes it even bigger with his great mic skills. The only thing missing in the new show and the new Network is the US champion, Alberto Del Rio.

He calls out Alberto Del Rio in a Ricardo Rodriguez style and wants to bury the hatchet. Del Rio comes out and told Cena to save his speeches for later, he knows what Cena wants, but it won’t work. Just like any other gringo, Cena is trying to get a title opportunity that he doesn’t deserve.

However Del Rio gives him credit, it worked once, but it won’t work tonight. Cena says the people are fired up to see Del Rio tonight, and they want to see a US Title match tonight. Del Rio runs down Cena and says for Cena to shut up. 


Rio also told that he will fight right in Smackdown but not John Cena and for the title.Cena says if he is out of the picture then give someone an opportunity. Cena has a guy that he thinks can shock the world, and introduces Kalisto. Kalisto makes his way to the ring and Cena helps lead the Lucha chants. Two of the Mexican icons are all set to fight it out for their pride.

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