Stephen O’Keefe who was just left out of the test series due to an injury has been fined $10,000 by Cricket Australia after being involved in an incident at a Sydney hotel. Keefe has been issued an Infringement notice by New South Wales police for offensive behaviour.

He was charged with breaching article 2.2.11 of CA’s Code of Behaviour. It is a conduct which states ‘unbecoming of a player’ and he has been fined by Cricket Australia due to this Unbecoming.

“I know I failed to uphold the high standards expected of an NSW and Australian cricketer and apologies to all concerned,”

“I take full responsibility for my actions and accept the sanction handed to me by Cricket Australia.” Said Keefe.

“Steve has had a difficult couple of weeks but that is no excuse,” said Cricket NSW CEO Andrew Jones.

“We expect a high standard from our players on and off the field and in this case Steve failed to meet those high standards.

“I have spoken to Steve and he is very disappointed with his behaviour.

“He has apologised to the management of The Steyne Hotel and accepts that he will be sanctioned.”

This is the first offence by Keefe in past 18 months.