Vidal Deserved Red Card As New Video Shows He Hit Toni Kroos In The Face
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Vidal Deserved Red Card As New Video Shows He Hit Toni Kroos In The Face

  • It was a fiery night at the Bernabeu last night as Real Madrid managed to find their way past Bayern Munich with the help of some dodgy decisions from the match officials.

    The outcome may have been an unfair one, but it was a truly breathless game of football that still has people talking long into the following day with even more incidents being uncovered.

    The overriding narrative has been that Bayern were robbed of their place in the semi-final, and while that may not wholly be true, they were on the wrong end of some shocking decisions which turned the game in Madrid’s favour.

    However, there was one instance that evaded the referee’s gaze (and even if he did see it he probably bottled it) during the second half.

    With the aggregate score set at 2-2 and both sides having found their rhythm on the pitch eyes were on Bayern’s Arturo Vidal, who had been throwing himself around in an attempt to dominate the middle of the park.

    Already on a yellow card, Vidal had to be careful not to over-exert himself and go in on anybody too strongly. The visitors needed all the help they could get.

    But at one point, Real took a throw in and Vidal left his spot marking former Bayern midfielder Kroos to chase the ball down as Kroos, along with two of his teammates attempted to pass their way out of trouble.

    However, Philipp Lahm managed to intercept and turn the ball loose, but as Kroos went in to win it back, he appeared to earn a smack in the chops from Vidal for his trouble. See for yourself below…

    Ouch! Kroos has never been one for play acting, so to earn that kind of reaction the impact must have had some semblance of force behind it.

    Did Vidal do it on purpose, though? It’s hard to say. Though the two never played together at Bayern, there surely can’t be any sort of bad blood between them. None that the rest of us know about anyway.

    Eventually, Vidal was given his marching orders later on in the game for a second bookable offence. However, upon review, the challenge didn’t look as though it was worthy of such punishment.

    As we can clearly see, he managed to knock the ball away from Marco Asensio, but because the man followed the referee was perhaps a little too card happy for the moment.

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