Aussies with early premonitions tending to aggravate India.

Shashi / 23 August 2014

Three months might have passed after India‘s tour of Australia but perceptual brawls have already started with the Aussie pacer Ryan Harris urging they will not narrow down their aggression and that the Indians might face a brutal summer from the fellow fast bowler Mitchell Johnson.

Harris proclaimed that the Australians would like to savour India’s despondency (away-from-home record) when they initiate the four-match series on December 4 at the very end of this year. His woeful remarks have come striking at a time when Indians are still trailing from a 3-1 loss at the hands of the Queen’s eleven.

He further added saying that the Aussies will try to do everything they can to unsettle the Indians verbally and to shake them apart mentally, but that they get it back as well. Indians are good at it; Jadeja is good at it, (Virat) Kohli likes it as well. Harris also appended that if he says something wrong and get punished for it, it will be the ICC that gets him and not any mere BCCI.

“Who knows what really happened over there, but the ICC are the governing body and they are the ones who have got to be making the decisions…If India are not happy with that then they’ve got to sort that out. We go by our coach, our captain and above them Cricket Australia and the ICC.”

Talking about the issue, Harris said the Australians would continue to accept their prompts from the ICC and not from India.

The Indians, Harris expressed in full thrust, do not have the required ignition that is necessary to play abroad, thereby handing it over to us over there and we like giving it back to them. With Mitchell the way he is going, he’s only going to get better.

Harris has also noticed the flaws and faults in Kohli’s batting, given he was India’s best batsman in Australia four years ago. In England he did not even bag a single half-century and averaged a meagre 13.4 in five Tests.

He is obviously going to do a lot of work between now and then, but you’ve just got to try to get him driving, Harris exclaimed.

Virat is indeed a very good learner with his bat and pads on. He’s too good a player not to bounce back, hopefully he doesn’t do it too well because we somewhat, don’t want him hitting hundreds against us, Harris pronounced.

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