England to push for four day test matches

Nagendra / 10 June 2016
England to push for four day test matches

The England Cricket Board is up with yet another idea as they try to preserve the longest format of the game. They are about to propose to shorten the game to four days from the current five days format.

Test Cricket has started to transform itself as ICC started making good changes in order to keep the game interesting and appealing to the cricket lovers. With the advent of T20 cricket, test cricket has lost most of its fan base as people are preferring to watch a short game.

The day-night test matches have drawn the attention of the entire cricket world as the first day-night match has been a tremendous hit in terms of the impact it had on the audience. There are going to be more and more day-night test matches as the teams are looking to play in these matches.

ICC are also looking to give the nod to the two-tier test format with teams fighting to stay in the top division and bottom teams look to enter the elite division. A change to four days would make more sense as the home teams in the recent years are yielding results in very less time.

ECB president Colin Graves has first proposed the idea and now looks to transform it into reality. He said, “I love Test cricket, but it’s a worry when you look around the world and see diminishing numbers of spectators.”

“It saddens me and we have to do something about it. If it were a business, we’d pull it to bits and re-do it. From what they’ve said, Australia would look at it, but it’s not just about four-day games: it’s about revitalising Test cricket. There are lots of questions to consider,” he added.

According to the ECB chairman, the club or association which is hosting the match has to bear losses on the fifth day. He said, “I spent 14 years in Yorkshire and it always cost money. You get small crowds, and you have to pay for things like security and ground operating costs. Do people want the fifth day if it’s heading for a boring draw?’

Graves also has the suggestion to make the teams play 105 overs in a single day which will not impact the overs being played in the test match. He also hinted at the possibility that India might oppose the idea at the upcoming meeting on 27 June at Edinburgh.

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