Supreme Court (SC) proposed to make BCCI President N.Srinivasan to quit from the post as he is not fit for it. The reasons for it was no proper measures and investigation of match fixing scandal in Indian Premier League and betting by IPL owners which must have been banned but haven’t. Mugdal report which investigated this under SC made Srinivasan to be removed and Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar to take over the intern duties. But there was a controversy over him too during the Cricket’s Mighty Match Fixing Scandal which made many star players of respective teams to be banned.

The Locker Room:

During the biggest match fixing scandal in 2000, which had serious implications worldwide, there was a little locker room in a club in Mumbai which is slowly attracted the attention of the country. And to everyone’s surprise the locker room also gained worldwide attention due to that locker was been of Sunil Manohar Gavaskar.

That locker was at the Bombay Gymkhana club but the contents in it were which increased its attracting attention. Initial reports were that some money had been unearthed from Gavaskar’s locker at that club where he regularly goes to play his other favourite game, badminton. Nothing was unusual if anyone keeps money in his locker. But it becomes unusual when the figure of the amount been to be Rs 1.25 lakh. But newspaper reporters, through conversations with officials and employees at the club, have revealed that the figure found in that region was of Rs 49 lakhs. Not only it is the figure raised questions, but the discovery of pounds and dollars also brings in FERA and CBI sources believed to have confirmed that this figure is quite close. The reports said that it includes some foreign exchange nearly 6,500 pounds, along with traveller’s cheques and other documents.

The President of that club, Gautam Thakkar has agreed to meet members of the club on July 5, 2000 to make a final statement on the Gavaskar’s locker affair. Thakkar has been asked to take the responsibility for all the attention the club has been getting from the Income Tax department following the exposed contents of Gavaskar’s locker, and for having kept the committee in the dark for so long.

Also there is another angle to the story. Thakkar was a close friend of Gavaskar and reports have it that the former Indian captain was given with the special privilege, using the locker without paying for it.

But some internal and external problems within the club and Thakkar were under pressure to step down from office. It is said the club’s chief executive officer Colonel Negi had informed Thakkar of the amount in April. The latter had said he would take it up with the executive committee, but did not.

A meeting of the club’s executive committee was held a few days before his exit was on the same issue of whether Thakkar must be stepped down. About half the committee members agreed for been responsibility of keeping the club and the income tax authorities in the dark. However, during the meeting, it was felt that any such move may damage the image of the club.

The committee finally decided to ask Gavaskar, who was currently abroad then, to attend a general body meeting to discuss the issue. A meeting of the club has been called on July 7, 2000 where for the first time Gavaskar is expected to be present to give his version of the story.

Investigations on him:

It happened due to that he will be summoned both by the Income Tax and the CBI to investigate over his locker. The issue has assumed as serious thing because the difference between the club claimed official figure to be in Gavaskar’s locker and the actual sum is about Rs.48 lakhs. The club had admitted that only Rs.1.25 lakhs were found in Gavaskar’s locker where nearly Rs.49 Lakhs had to be.

However, there were unconfirmed reports that the locker was opened by the CBI after a raid on the club during the match-fixing scandal.

CBI doubted over Gavaskar’s possible involvement in the match-fixing scandal and was ready to investigate him in connection over the match-fixing scam as the discovery of cash in his locker is considered no accident.

The final twist:

CBI though to talk with him once he comes back from abroad but due to some reasons that wasn’t happened as the case diverted and didn’t came back to him proving his free.

But it can’t be said that he hasn’t done any mistake and can’t even say he had done. But the way it got skipped was similar to the Srinivasan’s diverting of fixing and betting scandals.

This incident proved the SC proposed president was among the Match fixing suspects but finally proved clean.

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