One of the most fearless openers of all time for India Virender Sehwag is known for his hand eye co-ordination and his stand and deliver strokes that bring fear to any fast bowler in the world.

Virender Sehwag who explained his problem from his tours to England and Australia way back in 2011, said that he always had a headache when he used to concentrate a lot on the ball and said that he thought it was a problem with his eye sight. However, after meeting his family doctor Sehwag realized that he had a slight problem of migraine and that his doctor gave him glasses that took him almost an year to get used to. He added that he is in good shape now and ready to fight for a place in the Indian team.

Sehwag who gave a peek into his style of batting explained the difficulties he faced initially when he started putting the glasses on. Sehwag said that he felt at his best when he could see the ball right at the point of release from the had of the bowler and that it helped him score trough the line but with glasses it took time for him to spot the ball from the bowlers hand which automatically made it difficult for him to score.

Sehwag also added that contacts did not help him in this matter and that his motto was to pick the ball early which he is now able to do comfortably.

The Kings XI Punjab opener also made an interesting comment saying that most players watch videos to find the mistakes that are while, I watch them to enjoy my boundaries.

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