Video: Batsman Gets Out Before Bowler Delivers the ball

Tamojit Chakraborty / 06 June 2014

Controversey erupted in the final ODI international between England and Sri Lanka as England batsman Jos Butler was run out by Sachithra Senanayake, the latter who stopped in his run up to make the sure that the non striker was short of his crease. England were restricted to 219 all out and at the point of writing Sri Lanka are 155/3 requiring another 65 runs with 7 wickets and 12.4 overs remaining. 

Butler had scored a scintillating 121 before he was warned once by the bowler, who however appealed to the umpire in teh second time of reckoning. Even tough ICC rules maintain thet the umpires are not obliged to ask the fielding captain if he wants to withdraw the appeal in such circumstances,the decision stood as  Sri Lanka skipper Angelo Mathews was happy to let it stand.

Senanyake whose bowling cation was reported to the ICC was booed by the crowd sooon after the incident. Later former England captain Alec Stewart commented, “With the laws of the game as they are Sri Lanka are entitled to appear.”

“We don’t like to see that, but why have that law when it can’t be used? “(Either) the law needs to change so there is something else instead of a consequence of being run out, or you can just put up with it.” 

While the decision stood, one question remains, does the modern game abide by the spirit of the gentleman’s game?

See the video below and decide for yourself


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