The top flight domestic league in England has always been one of the most entertaining league in the world and it does not come as a surprise after the amount of money that is spent on players in the transfer windows. The clubs in the league spent over £1bn in the transfer window before the start of the season and this has seen an influx of top quality talent in the league this season. There are some top class players who can win games single handedly on their day and have done so already this season.

But some teams have managed to create a chemistry between their star players which will inturn help improve the productivity of the sides. Over the years, there have been many players who had partners in crime during games, whose chemistry was enough to win them games. This season has been no different with a few pairs able to sizzle so far into the season. With the end of the year coming up, here are the Top 5 attacking pairs in the Premier League:



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