Ever since the former college star quarterback Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, he has not stopped making headlines, often for the wrong reasons. Manziel was one of the most promising football players of the last few years, but his NFL career got off to a very inauspicious start due to his penchant for the nightlife and his insatiable appetite for partying.

Reports about Manziel’s possible comeback to the NFL are multiplying and stirring up the rumor mill. Many people do not believe such a return will ever materialize; however, credible comments made by NFL insiders suggest that the disgraced quarterback could be picked up by a team in the next two seasons.


An Unlikely Return?

Manziel was once known as Johnny Football due to his sheer enthusiasm and ability on the gridiron. He is sometimes compared to the Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, who is known for his amazing skill and his love of the game, which he always played with a smile from the time he was a little kid to his retirement. Like Manziel, Ronaldinho was a party animal, but the difference is that the legendary soccer player enjoyed an incredibly successful career while Johnny Football has passed less than 1,700 yards and has thrown as many interceptions as touchdowns: seven.

The headlines made by Manziel’s nightlife antics, domestic violence, allegations of substance abuse, and lackluster performance during his short NFL career did not stop with him being waived by the Browns in 2015. The partying intensified for a few months before the quarterback appeared to be contrite and started talking about rehab. Prior to this welcome stage in his life, Manziel’s father was concerned that his son could end up in legal trouble or hit rock bottom. By March 2017, however, the headlines had changed.


Manziel’s Gorgeous Muse

If Johnny Football returns to the NFL, he would likely thank Bre Tiesi, an incredibly attractive Instagram model who has been credited with convincing Manziel that a return to the NFL is feasible. Manziel and Tiesi reportedly met in the busy Miami party circuit in late 2016, and the two have been smitten ever since.

It may be difficult to envision something good coming out of a relationship that may have started at a hedonistic nightclub in South Beach, but Manziel’s friends are commenting on the positive influence that the beautiful Tiesi has had on the former football star.


NFL Rumors and Speculation

The rumor mill is spinning at a very high rate of speed with regard to Manziel’s comeback plot. According to the Dallas Star-Telegram, Manziel has rehired his sports agent and is working out again. Moreover, he is the current talk of the NFL.

Two teams that have been associated with a potential Manziel signing include the Dolphins and the Cowboys. The association with the Dolphins is actually a joke based on the premise that Manziel would love to play in Miami due to its nightlife. The association with Dallas comes from comments made by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who mentioned his admiration for Manziel as a college player.

Fantasy football players based in Tampa have also speculated about a future for Manziel in the Buccaneers, but that is the extent of the rumors.


A Different Career for Manziel

Now that Manziel’s life seems to be in a turnaround, there may be other career opportunities for him. Americans love comeback stories, and the current headlines could make Manziel a celebrity endorser of items such as vape mods or other cool vaping products. Manziel’s image may not be as squeaky clean as that of Tim Tebow, another former college star whose NFL career fizzled, but it is improving rapidly.

Another option for Manziel would be to get involved in fantasy football, an activity that is not only getting traction in the United States but that may lead to legalization of sports wagering. In the end, things are looking good for Johnny Football.


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