3 ways to bring Shane McMahon – Triple H power struggle in WWE

Arindam Paul / 16 April 2016

As per the stipulation goes, Shane McMahon was scheduled to leave WWE if he cannot defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. But, thankfully to the loud support and demand of the crowd we have seen him in control of Monday Night Raw since then, within the storyline. It is evident that the power struggle is not extinguished as of now and it can be assumed that Triple h and Stephanie will return soon to take back what belonged to them. As a result, we are destined to see the power struggle between the two brother-in-laws in near future. We have seen these types of tension between the McMahon family and others who wanted to take over the control in the past. Here are the three ways to bring it one between Triple H and Shane McMahon.


Matches with representatives

The last time we have seen this type of fight for power struggle was back in Survivor Series 2014 (Team Cena vs. Team Authority) where the Authority was temporarily removed from being in-charge. It was a huge hit. WWE Universe obviously loves to see this kind of fight where teams or individuals will fight representing their own stable. This time, Triple H will pick someone like returning Seth Rollins or Brock Lesnar or even the League of Nations to compete for himself, whereas Shane might choose someone like John Cena or Roman Reigns or even AJ Styles. An intriguing storyline will automatically hype up this one.



One-on-one match

Despite being an irregular competitor in the ring, Shane showed what he is capable of, at Wrestlemania. He was never afraid of going into the ring and performing some dare-devilish acts. It would sound unfair that Shane would go one-on-one against Triple H. But if can steal the show against Undertaker at Wrestlemania inside Hell in a Cell, he can do it again with an aged Triple H. The Game has been the Cerebral Assassin back in his days but age certainly shortened his reflex and Shane will have no problem to go toe-to-toe against him. Right booking and outcome will prove this one a sure-shot success.



Brand Split

Now, this has been on the rumor mills for days now and surely sounds interesting. The good old days of superstars fighting for their own brands is mouth-watering indeed. This angle was even done before Shane’s return but got wide open after his arrival. The inclusion of latest NXT superstars on the roster and returns of the certain injured superstars like Cena, Orton or Rollins will strengthen the roster once again and the brand split will not be any bar then. Further, this will be an automatic catalyst for Triple H- Shane McMahon feud. If Shane can’t get his position as the controller of Raw, then he can be in charge of Smackdown and surely can take the show back to its old glorious days.