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John Cena is helmed as one of the greatest superstars of all time in the history of professional wrestling. After being the face of the WWE and carrying the company for almost 15 years on his wide shoulder, he moved on to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. After experiencing some major success, he’s expectedly toned down his wrestling schedule over the past few years.

Fans have been missing him on WWE TV and it seems like Big Match John could be returning in time for Wrestlemania 39 to compete in a match at the event. Moreover, he could be eyeing to battle Logan Paul in a mega-match.

Wrestlemania 39: More Updates On Stone Cold’s Possible Return To WWE

John Cena Teases Facing Celebrity Star At WWE Wrestlemania 39 1

As per the earlier reports from WrestleVotes and Ringside News, the veteran is possibly coming back to action at Wrestlemania Hollywood. The 16-time World Champion has also spoken to the WWE’s higher-ups about the possible capacity of his return. Logan Paul has reacted to those updates and he also talked on his ImPAULsive podcast about facing the veteran wrestler at Wrestlemania,

“After Crown Jewel, John Cena posted me on his Instagram, and then I saw an article saying he’s looking for an opponent at WrestleMania. I favorited it, responded with the eyes. Truthfully, I think me vs. John Cena would break the internet. I texted Triple H right away, ‘do you want to break the internet again?’ That’s a dream match. WrestleMania, in LA, on my birthday.”

John Cena posted Logan Paul’s photo on Instagram

The Cenation Leader is yet to directly respond to the ongoing speculations but he has reacted on social media in his typical style. The former champion posted an image of Stone Cold with Logan Paul’s face imposed on it, hinting at a mega match possibly waiting between them at Wrestlemania 39. “Stone Cold Someday” was the three words written in the photo.

John Cena Teases Facing Celebrity Star At WWE Wrestlemania 39 2

John Cena’s final WrestleMania match came in 2020 against The Fiend Bray Wyatt in a FireFly Fun House gimmick capacity. Next year, the Showcase of the Immortals takes place under the bright lights of Hollywood, and being a celebrity from Hollywood, his presence seems evident.

Only time will tell if he would make his return to the squared circle, potentially against Logan Paul who’s currently out of action with multiple injuries that he suffered during his match against Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel. But he’s expected to be back in time for Wrestlemania 39.

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