Last Monday Night on WWE Raw, we have seen WWE Women’s champion, Charlotte parting her ways with her father, Ric Flair. Since her debut, Charlotte has been portrayed as “Daddy’s Li’l girl” whom he helped to win, in almost each of his daughter’s title defenses. And thus, she became “The Nature Girl” and the second best dirtiest player in the game. He has been in the champion’s corner during her entire championship reign.
So, the break up with his father amused the whole WWE Universe. While they have been thinking that the Nature Boy would not abandon her daughter anyways, Charlotte was thinking something else and decided to release Naitch from his duties. The release was about to come but WWE made it look the nastiest way possible by making Charlotte saying towards her father “You are immortal to them. But to me you are dead.” Probably, Charlotte was the only one in the building who was singing “Na na na….na na na, hey hey hey, Goodbye” and got nobody to sing along.

Now, reports that this was just part of a storyline and Ric Flair is still under contract with WWE, very well and will be seen in future. It’s a fact that the presence of someone like Ric Flair in the corner of Charlotte has overshadowed the presence of Charlotte and it was the rightmost way of bringing the attention back to her. Only future bookings will tell the cruel act of Charlotte not wanting the Naitch anymore in her corner will prove to be worthy or not?

Now with his brother Cody Rhodes aka Stardust and his wife Brandi Rhodes aka Eden Stiles leaving the company, started a buzz around the wrestling community around the future of Goldust in the company. The 47-year-old veteran has cleaned the air by tweeting it out that he is not leaving the company and still going stronger than ever. Goldust along with his brother Stardust had his second and last tag title reign in 2013.

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