WWE News: Reason Behind Women’s Division Attacking the Absolution

Arindam Paul / 13 December 2017

The Absolution has created a ruckus on the WWE Raw women’s division after Paige returned to the company after more than one and a half year.

She brought Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville alongside her to create this dominant faction on the flagship show that changed the course of the female roster following the Survivor Series.

With the number games being in their favour, they decimated each of the members of the women’s division like Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Alicia Fox etc. The champion, Alexa Bliss went for a truce with them only to suffer a massive ambush in the backstage area. It was the reason that they were seen united for the first time putting an end to their rivalries.

On this week’s edition of WWE Raw, Paige and Mandy Rose faced the team of Bayley and Mickie James in a tag contest. The participants from the Absolution took help of the dirty tricks to deliver a superkick to Mickie and pick up the win. It continued their dominant run on WWE Raw.

Later the night, they circled in Asuka for a third week in a row. Unlike the earlier times, this time around, The Absolution did start a three-on-one attack on the Empress of Tomorrow. Despite the valiant efforts of Asuka, the numbers game caught her up really quick, as she went down.

It was then when we witnessed the superstars from the women’s division came out to join forces against the trio. They arrived in the shock of the heels. It time they were forced to swallow their medicine and had no choice but to back out.

In a recent interview on Youtube following this week’s flagship show, Alexa Bliss gave an interview to clarify as of why they have built the united front. Check out the quotes,

“Absolution has been here for a few weeks now, and they’ve had their fun, but it’s time for them to realize that they just can’t come into our division and act like they own the place. It’s time for someone to put them in their place, and as the (RAW Women’s) Champion and leader of this division, I’m the person to make sure that happens.”

The women’s champion has promised to show Paige and Co. the door from the company. But, with the strong push that the faction has in-store for now, it is unlikely that they can get dominated, as of now. Instead, they will continue to gain momentum with sneak attacks and establish them as one of the strongest factions in the women’s history.