Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose had a big bag with him. He entered the ring and placed a chair inside. He took a mic and started things off. He said that last four months had been having dreams. Visions of what he would do when he finally got his hands on Seth Rollins and this Sunday at Hell in a Cell what he had been dreaming and what he would do to Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

He took out a toy figure of Seth Rollins from the bag he brought with himself. He placed the doll on that chair he placed inside the ring earlier. He talked to the doll and asked it what he had become, nothing but a puppet of the authority. All the dirty works he had been doing for the authority, then he said the word dirty did not suit him.

At Hell in a Cell, Dean said that he would make sure that he would not care for him anymore. He said that he would tear his body parts one by one, he would start with his hands so that he could never make his hands dirty again. He broke up the right hand of that doll. Then he said that Seth was a smart guy and he was actually not a dummy.

Dean then took out a screw driver and hit the doll’s nose with it. Followed by a hammer with which he hit Seth’ head. Next he took out a saw, he said that he dreamed of chopping head with that saw. He hit a Pile Driver on that doll next.

Seth Rollins’ music hit as Seth Rollins came out as Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble accompanied him. Seth congratulated Seth for finally finding an opponent with whom he could relate to on his intellectual level. Seth made fun of Dean.

Dean said that the fans should give big hands to the ‘world’s biggest sell out.’ The fans chanted ‘You Sold Out.’ Seth said that the fans were damn right, he sold out, he said just like everyone he grew up in the mid west as well. But the similarity between them and him came to an abrupt end over there. They could never get onto his level, he was famous, he was rich and he was SOMEBODY, and that was why they had their cameras out, taking pictures of him. They call him a sell out and later on they would post them on twitter and instagram, and saying that Seth Rollins was the best part of the Raw tonight just like every single week.

Seth Rollins said that he was sold out, he sold the Shield out, he sold Dean Ambrose out, he asked what so. Dean Ambrose said that he would destroy Seth at Hell in a Cell but he had no problem of giving the people a little preview right now if Seth did not shut his mouth off. Seth said that he would give all his answers at Hell in a Cell inside that structure hanging above their head.

To surprise everyone, Mick Foley came out to the arena. Foley entered the ring and said that he was came by to visit an old friend and he pointed to the Hell in a Cell. He said that on December 2012, his children came to see WWE and his daughter told her later that day that the Shield was amazing. So Mick had his expectations really high on them. He had been keeping his eye on them on every week on Raw and Smackdown. He even subscribed to WWE Network.

He said that her daughter was right, the Shield was dominant, the most dominant team he had seen in this generation. Now he had been waiting for Hell in a Cell to see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins going inside Hell in a Cell one on one. And in every vision, he could see Seth Rollins coming out victorious.

Seth came inside the ring and said that now they were talking. He said that he thought Mick Foley was just an old dinosaur who dressed up like Santa Claus, but he realized he still got some good thoughts remaining in the half working brain of him.
Mick pointed to the Cell and said that it was no ordinary scenario. Foley talked about his career and said how he lost his tooth eighteen years ago, he picked up some dangerous injuries in his career and he was proud of them.

Dean Ambrose addressed Mick as the Hardcore Legend and said nobody understood Dean in the locker room but Mick and he was ready for Hell in a Cell, Seth would asking the question on next Monday morning from the hospital bed that if Seth was ready for Hell in a Cell. He wanted Seth to ask himself.

Seth said that he got it, both of them were crazy. But if they thought that was what it took to win at Sunday, then they were totally out of their minds. He said that they were on the level of his knees, way above the two.
Foley said nobody knew more than him about Hell in a Cell, and he knew how it felt after throwing from on top of the cell. This Sunday at Hell in a Cell the two of them would get the match that they had been waiting for their entire lives. Foley wished both of them a nice day.



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