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WWE Raw 2/6/14 – Evolution segment – Batista quit! 

Evolution vs. The Shield from last night on Payback was shown before the start of the event. They showed how Evolution was defeated by The Shield in the No Holds Barred Elimination match, how the members of the Evolution were eliminated one by one, first, Batista, then Randy Orton and then Triple H.

The three members of the Evolution came out to the arena and they received mixed reaction from the fans. They did not look very impressed with the performance of The Shield last night. (a banner from the fans was shown written ‘Reigns for President’, it seemed quite sarcastic, after last night they can write ‘Reigns to replace God’).

Triple H started things off by saying that they said it’s always darkest just before the dark, the funny thing is, they thought they won, all the fans thought they won, they all thought it was all over, The Shield, but they did not get it, he never lost, he always won. It would not come to an end until the Shield no longer exists.

Batista prevented Triple H from completing he words by taking the mic away from his hands. Batista said that he did not want to know about the Shield. He was done with that, now he wanted his one on one championship match which Triple H promised him.

Triple H said that there was a reason he was the leader and the boss because of his ability to see the bigger picture which Batista was not being able to see. The Bigger picture of the moment was there was a plan. Batista said that he did not care about his plan, neither did he care about the Shield. He came back, he did exactly what he was going to do, he won the Royal Rumble match and he earned a one on one WWE World Heavyweight championship match, and he wanted it, he wanted it on that night.

Triple H said that he was not sure if Batista was aware of the fact that Daniel Bryan was injured and could not compete, which meant that even if he wanted to give him the title shot he could not. Even if he did, he would probably chock it up anyway.

He said that things were a little tensed and stressful on that night. There was a plan. He asked Batista if he wanted to be remembered as the guy who could not beat the Shield. Triple H said that he would not do that. He never started a fight what he could not finish, not this one either. Once the Shield was finished, he would get whatever he wanted. But until then, no one was getting anything.

Batista said that he understood and he shocked everyone by saying he quit! And he left the arena. Triple H and Orton were spellbound with this announcement. Triple H wanted Batista to come back but he did not stop.

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