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WWE Smackdown 14th November – Chris Jericho’s highlight reel with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 

Y2J Chris Jericho entered the arena for the Highlight reel. The Merseysiders gave him a standing ovation. Jericho entered the ring and started in his vintage style, ‘Liverpool! Welcome to Smackdown is Jericho!’

Jericho said that he had been looking for a couple of months for a number of things, and there were a few things he needed to address, the first thing he wanted to know was the identity of the Bunny of Adam Rose, Jericho thought the Bunny was really cool. He made the fans laugh by saying he thought that the guy might be Funaki. The fans chanted the name of Jericho, Jericho said that it might be the first ever Funaki chant of WWE.
Secondly, Jericho said that he knew if team authority loses at Survivor Series they would stripped of power forever, so he wanted to introduce the guests of the highlight Reel ‘power hungry’ couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Jericho said that they did not need to have any introduction so he asked a straight forward; why did they want Jericho to arrange the highlight on that night. Stephanie said that the question would be why they invited Chris Jericho to Smackdown. She asked how long had it been since Smackdown had the highlight reel, how long would it be since Chris Jericho had been in Liverpool. She said that it was because they gave the WWE Universe what they actually wanted and in all seriousness they wanted to have fun with the fans.
She kept on saying that the fans deserved wrestlers whom they could actually respect. Ironically, her father was doing the thing to them exactly they were doing the locker room; making superstars and divas fought for what they believed in. Daniel Bryan had been out for months but they still chant ‘yes’ because Bryan overcame the odds and they revere him for that.

Stephanie then asked where Daniel Bryan would be without the authority. He made some comparisons and said where would Superman be without Lex Luthor, where would Sun be without the moon, where would WWE be without a McMahon in charge and who could possibly run WWE except the authority.
Jericho quickly replied that he could run the WWE. He said that he liked what John Cena said on Monday Night Raw, the authority did not need to run the WWE, the WWE Universe would run the WWE. Jericho said that it was really easy, they ask a question to the fans they would answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He gave a trial on it as he asked the fans if they were running the WWE, would they want to see Triple H licked Jericho’s boots and cleaned his shoes. The fans chanted ‘yes’ loudly. He kept making fun of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He showed the footage where Stephanie was thrown into the mud by Vickie Guerrero. He asked the fans if they wanted to see that again.

Triple H stopped him. He said that it was not funny, he never needed Jericho acceptance, they did not need anybody’s acceptance. He said ‘The Wolf does not ask to be embraced by sheep.’ He wanted Jericho to enjoy his laugh, because at Survivor Series, team Authority was going to tear through team Cena, and when they would stand tall, who would be the one laughing. It would not be Jericho, neither the fans. It was going to be them; the authority.
Triple H attempted to leave. He stopped before he left the ring, then he came back to Jericho and said that next time Jericho calls him for an appearance, the authority might not accept his request, and they might erase they name of Chris Jericho from the history of WWE.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon left the ring and when they were leaving the arena, Jericho said that he would like to sing a song after Survivor Series, ‘na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye.’ Triple H gave Jericho an evil look and left.



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