According a survey conducted by Sporting Intelligence in association with ESPN, it was widely received that Manchester City players are the best paid in Global Sports. The cash rich Abu Dhabi owners pay the best salaries in the world even surpassing NBA’S New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. The average first-team pay at City has been calculated at £5.3m ($8.9m) per year, or £102,653 per week in the period under review.


The Daily Telegraph reports, “The New York Yankees took the lead in the first survey in 2010 with its stars earning £4.7m per year on average. In 2011, Barcelona replaced the Yankees with an average of £4.9m per year per player and remained in top position in the 2012 rankings. By 2013, Manchester City had become the best paid team in global sport and remain at the top spot in 2014.”

Five Premier League sides made the top 20 on the list, with Liverpool in 20th place, earning an average of £3.4m per man per year. Manchester United were ranked eighth on £4.3m per man per year, while Champions League semi-finalists Chelsea were 10th (nearly £4m) and Arsenal were ranked 11th (£3.9m). The top 10 also included the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA, Bayern Munich, and the Chicago Bulls of the NBA.

News courtesy: The Guardian

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